Wild Birds Need Our Help


Wild Bird Necessities:

Studies show that wild birds visiting backyard feeding stations consistently have higher survival rates than those without access to feeders. Feeding wild birds year-round with quality foods will help them through vulnerable times throughout the seasons.

Backyard wild bird feeding is a fun and rewarding hobby for the whole family. Birds are entertaining and enjoyable to watch, and feeding wild birds helps build respect for nature while increasing positive human-wildlife interactions. Urban sprawl has consumed much of the land that parks, preserves, and backyard habitats become necessary for wild bird survival. Help wild birds survive by providing sanctuaries and feeding stations in your own backyard.

Food:  High-energy wild bird foods such as suet and specialty blends are specially designed to meet the energy needs of wild birds during the cold months

Water:  Natural sources of water may not be readily available to wild birds. Provide fresh water daily and birds will flock to your feeding areas.

Shelter:  Birds need a safe place to rest. Provide nesting boxes and natural cover to help birds escape the weather and predators.