Our gourmet foods are vitamin-nutrient-fortified foods and treats, all-in-one. These foods are specifically formulated for the daily dietary needs of companion pets and are jam-packed with a medley of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and grains. Plus, we’ve added our ZOO•Vital Biscuits that contain prebiotics and probiotics to support good digestion. These biscuits are ergonomically-shaped and come in fun sizes, colors and textures making this a stimulating diet that pets will love! Our natural foods are free of artificial flavors, colors & preservatives.
Encore® Gourmet Foraging Feast™ is a super premium gourmet food and treat, all-in-one, fortified with vitamins and minerals. This enticing diet is jam-packed with a medley of specialized and delicious delicacies your pet will find simply irresistible. All the fun shapes, textures, varieties, sizes and colors help relieve cage boredom and stimulate the natural foraging instinct. Encore® Gourmet Foraging Feast™ is formulated to make mealtime fun and a source of activity. It’s a healthy & hearty diet that will benefit the overall well-being of your pet.
Tropical Carnival® is a vitamin-nutrient-fortified food and treat, all-in-one! This super premium gourmet food is specifically formulated for the daily dietary needs of your pet and is jam-packed with a medley of delicacies. Plus we added beneficial bacteria to support good digestion. Your pet will find Tropical Carnival® simply irresistible! Tropical Carnival® is the #1 food brand choice for bird and small animal lovers. Our specialty blends such as our Parrot & Macaw Foods are the most unique blends & formulations to be had.
The “Natural” category is growing rapidly in the human and pet market due to an increase in consumer awareness of the health benefits provided by natural foods. Brown’s® has taken natural to a whole new level by incorporating unique gourmet ingredients, bright natural colors and intense flavors into every Tropical Carnival® Natural blend.