Premium Pigeon Feed

Brown’s® Premium Pigeon Feeds are recognized as the finest feeds in the industry. They reflect our commitment to clean, high quality feed, made with only premium ingredients. Brown’s® manufactures over 30 uniquely different feeds to meet the needs of every type of pigeon fancier from the novice to the professional racer.



A selection of high quality grains and peas. These blends are high in carbohydrates and low in protein.

Recommended Usage: Promote and maintain throughout the life of your pet pigeon.


Basic daily blends with minimum protein and maximum carbohydrates.

Recommended Usage: For the pigeon fancier who wishes to promote a sound and healthy pigeon throughout the year.


The perfect blends of high quality seeds and grains required for pigeon breeding.

Recommended Usage: Feed freely to breeders after young birds hatch. Continue until youngsters can start feeding themselves.


These feeds are formulated from choice seasoned grains and seeds. They provide the protein required to maintain endurance through the breeding season, when flying, racing, and showing.

Recommended Usage: Feed Developer when protein and energy are of the utmost importance.


Combinations of grains and seeds specifically formulated to provide the protein required to build energy and endurance. These blends are for the serious fancier and racer to achieve the performance necessary for winning shows and races.

Recommended Usage: Promote and maintain for the life of your racing or showing program.

Specialty Blends

Brown's® manufactures a wide variety of unique specialty pigeon food blends. Whether you're racing, training, breeding, or showing pigeons, we have just the right blend to fit your needs.