Brown's® Mango Flavored Calcium Cuttlebone

Brown’s® Mango Flavored Calcium Cuttlebone is a superior calcium supplement source for all pet birds.

Brown's® Mango Flavored Calcium Cuttlebone

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1.25 oz.

Calcium is needed for strong bones, proper muscle function, and egg development. Birds will use our Calcium Cuttlebone to trim and sharpen their beaks! It also provides hours of exercise, relieves cage boredom, and stimulates the natural foraging instinct. Birds of all sizes will naturally crave it!

Cage Clip Install Instructions:
Insert the Calcium Cuttlebone into the open end of the clip and squeeze. Gently push the opposite end of the clip between the cage bars until the clip and cuttlebone are secure.

Feeding Instructions:
Calcium Cuttlebone should be offered continually and replaced as often as needed.

Calcium Cabonate, Ground Cuttlebone, Oyster Shell, Grit, Fish Oil, Vitamin B1 Supplement, Honey, Artificial Mango Flavor, Colors Added (Blue 1, Red 3).

Crude Protein (min.) 1.75%
Crude Fat (min.) 0.01%
Crude Fiber (max.) 3.00%
Crude Moisture (max.) 12.00%
Calcium (min.) 85%