Crafts for Critters

Crafts for Critters is an original series of DIY videos for creating fun and interactive treats, toys, and accessories for pets and backyard birds. This series was designed to provide pet owners with a variety of inexpensive, creative, and fun-to-make foraging treats and accessories to help enrich the lives of their pets. Our crafts are fun for the whole family and can be made with materials from around the house. Please enjoy, and feel free to share your creations with us on Facebook!

Rabbit Popsicles Oat Spray Roll Foraging Box
A tasty frozen treat for pet rabbits. Keep your bunny cool in the summer!

An interactive foraging toy with natural oat treats for pet birds & small animals.

Foraging fun for pet birds of all sizes! Stuff with millet or their other favorite treats.

Easter Eggs Hay Manger Pine Cone Feeder
An fun and easy-to-make foraging treat for pet rabbits. The Easter Bunny likes treats too!

Keeps hay clean and dry. Great for rabbits, guinea pigs & chinchillas.

Bring colorful songbirds to your backyard with this seed-coated, peanut butter feeder.

Egg Carton Forage Toy Treatsie Roll  
A unique hanging treat for pet birds. Foraging fun for parrots, conures, cockatiels and more.

A fun foraging treat that's jam-packed with hay and other goodies. A small animal favorite!