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Brown’s® Pee Patch Repair™ Quick-Growing Grass Seed Mixture

All natural grass seed blend repairs brown spots in your lawn.

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1 lb.
6 lbs.
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We love our dogs, but lawn damage from their urine and high traffic areas can be frustrating to deal with. Doggie urine is like super concentrated fertilizer that kills grass and burns the life out of your lawn. The most successful solution to bringing your lawn back to life is the natural one. A little water, some new soil, and a generous sprinkling of our quick-growing premium grass seed mixture will get you on your way to new green grass within a week.

• Rapid green-up sun & shade mixture
• All-natural, chemical-free & easy to use
• 1 lb. covers 250 square feet
• Ideal for repairing brown spots & high traffic areas


Pangea Perennial Ryegrass, Edgewood Creeping Red Fescue, Evening Shade Perennial Ryegrass, Brooklawn Kentucky Bluegrass, and Mercury Kentucky Bluegrass.